What We Do

Everything we do is aimed at helping you achieve more from your financial life. It's about taking the right steps now to maximize your opportunities for your future financial success. We want to help you free yourself from the stress and worry that can consume you in your journey. Proactive wealth planning will help relieve the stress you feel from not confidently knowing just how prepared or unprepared you are.

Financial Discovery

If we don't know what's important to you, what your vision of a successful financial future is, and your current situation is, we'd be guessing as to what suits you best. Your future happiness and financial success are too important for guessing.



Financial Planning (Retirement)

Financial Planning is meant to help organize what you have and what you need to live with financial certainty and comfort. It was created to quantify what is possible based on a set of variables. It is almost purely numbers based which for most people and professionals has significant drawbacks in the real world.

The numbers are not set, and more importantly, your life is not set. Things change and a good financial plan will adapt to these changes on an ongoing basis. Being proactive is our main goal.

Investment Management

Many people think that managing a portfolio of investments is simply a matter of choosing between risk and reward then finding the best performing investments. It's about more than that. Here are just a few of the considerations we weigh before making decisions with your money: income needs, management fees, diversification, taxation, preservation, and more.

Estate Planning (Intergenerational Wealth Transfer & Legacy)

Knowing what you want to happen with your wealth upon the death of you or your spouse will affect your children, your children's children and so on for generations. Not everyone wants to leave everything to their children, regardless, there is planning to be done and we prefer it be done well. We work with you and your other advisors to help you maximize your wishes to the benefit of you and your estate. Estate Planning is not solely for the wealthy. It affects us all.

Risk Management

Making good financial decisions is not just about moving forward, it's about making sure you don't move backwards also. In our lives and careers there are many uncertainties, but one thing that is certain is that change will happen and planning ahead to reduce its impact on our lives is critical to sound planning. We look at your life, the risks and the solution available to help protect you from the inevitability of change.


Be prepared for change, before change happens to you! We recommend your next best INVESTMENT is a free Proactiv Wealth Assessment.

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